Sunday, November 11, 2018

Gourmia Fryrista Air Fryer GAF-560 Review

Why is it that everything bad for us to eat is also really tasty? Fried foods are some of the best tasting food around, but no one claims it is even remotely good for us to eat. Getting around this conundrum is simpler than we think…Air fryers are wonderful! Up for review today is the Fryrista Air Fryer GAF-560 by Gourmia.

Features and specs:
• 5 Quart Capacity
• Power: 110-240V, 50-60Hz, 1500W, ETL Plug
• RadiVection 360 Degree Technology
• Adjustable Timer and Temperature Dials
• Removable Basket and Pan
• Easy Wash and Maintenance
• ETL Listed for Safety

The Fryrista came well packaged in a cardboard box with pictures of the product all around the outside. The product itself came packaged in Styrofoam and wrapped in a bag to protect the components. Materials used in construction was mostly plastic and metal. The product was sturdy and fits on the countertop. It is also small enough to fit inside a cabinet. Also included were an owner’s manual and a recipe book.

I have teenagers, so fried food is always a big hit around here! We have used various fryers in the past, and they are messy, difficult to keep clean, and then there is the unhealthy factor to figure in. In the most recent years, we have resorted to simply cooking stuff in the oven but they just don’t taste the same. We were very excited to try this out. After following the directions to preheat the fryer, we eagerly placed taquitos in the basket and started to air fry!

We have now fried a number of things in the Fryrista and here is what we have learned…Jamming the basket with food, is not the best way to get the most food fastest. They will all be cooked, but the middle is more warmed up then the crispy fried goodness that we all want our food to have. Also, it cooks faster than the directions on packages for oven cooking, so adjust accordingly. We found that the best way to get the food to the best consistency was to do small batches, that way the air circulating could get to the most surface area of the food.

The recipe book was wonderful. Most of the recipes were crowd favorites for fried foods but some of them were unexpected, like cheesecake. The basket detaches for cleaning. Although we found that if we were cooking something from scratch, rather than from a package, it is best if we line the basket with something, a baking mat or tin foil or something. There are even dishes you can buy that fit in the basket for cooking or baking products. There are many additional hints and tips online for getting the most of your Air Fryer. We even discovered we could make popcorn in it! It is so much healthier for you, and it tastes so good. I was even able to avoid heart burn after eating mozzarella sticks!

Gourmia has a fantastic product in its Fryrista Air Fryer. It is an excellent addition to any kitchen. Due to it design, features, quality and performance the Gourmia Fryrista Air Fryer GAF-560 has earned our Highly Recommended Award. MSRP is $129. For more information and complete spec, check out their website at