Sunday, July 21, 2019

1More Triple Driver Over The Ear Headphones Review

There is a lot of competition in the headphone market, which typically means good sounding products for not a lot of money. This is the case with the 1More Triple Driver. They feature a unique design for over the ear models. They actually incorporate a multiple driver design. It’s a rare design for over the ear models. Usually multiple driver designs are found in IEM’s. Here 1More uses two active drivers. One is for the highs, one is for the mids and lows, and there’s also a passive radiator. So while there are 3 drivers, only 2 are active. Price is also very competitive at $169.

Features and Specs:

Type: Over-Ear Headphone

Name: 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones

Color: Titanium

Weight: 293 g

Wire: Oxygen-free Copper

Cable Length: 1.35 m

Plug Type: 3.5 mm Gold Plated

Speaker Impedance: 32 Ω

Sensitivity: 104 dB

Frequency Response Range: 20-40,000 Hz

Maximum Power: 50 mW

Implementation of Standards: Q / WMSX 003-2016

The 1More came in a great looking color printed box, with photos and specs of the headphones. Opening the box revealed a well protected product, held in a nice semi-hard zipper case. I was extremely impressed with the packaging, which looks like a significantly more expensive product! Materials used in the construction were actually mostly metal, with some plastic and foam. Quality of materials was good, as was the fit and finish. Also included was the owners manual, soft carry bag, and ¼” adapter. And I liked the fact that it has detachable cables. Now lets see how they sound!

Disturbed: Sound and Silence –Piano sounded natural, vocals had good texture and timbre. Guitar was crisp and clean. Violin was smooth. Soundstage was surprisingly big. Tympani had decent impact, depth and low end extension.      Adele: Rolling In the Deep – Vocals were smooth with good texture. Guitar was crisp and clean with good resolution of the strings. Kick drum had good impact, depth and played with authority. Piano sounded very natural. Junior Wells: Why are People Like That –Vocals were very smooth with good texture and timbre. Bass had very good depth and played with a ton of authority. Drums were very dynamic, piano sounded very natural. Cymbals were crisp. Harmonica was dynamic and very smooth. Soundstage was very large and imaging was very good. Liquid Soul: Spam Sucker –Bass is tight, has good punch, and authority. Trumpets are crisp and clean, dynamic. Drums have very good resolution of the pad. Sax has very good texture. Cymbals are crisp and clean!

I was a little surprised at the 1More Triple Driver. They appeared to be aggressively priced for employing multiple drivers. Using multiple drivers however did not provide quite as much detail as I was expecting.  But they still sounded extremely good for their price point, and would give headphones twice their price a run for the money. They provided a sound signature that was just a tad on the warm side. Based on it’s design, features, quality, and performance, the 1more Triple Driver has earned our Recommended Award.  For more info and complete specs, check out their website at