Saturday, November 16, 2019

2019 Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

Halloween is over, and fall is upon us. This means it is time for our annual Holiday Gadget Gift Guide. As usual, we have some excellent products from some great manufactures. First up is Beyerdynamic with their Xelento Wireless, followed by the Creative Nova, Emotiva BasX A-500, Escort Max 360c, Gourmia GPS 650 multicooker, iBeam 360 Degree 3D, JBL Link Bar, JBL Link View, Revel C263, and SoloQi 360. Below is a description of all of the products as well as the review schedule, for when reviews of the products will be completed.  Some reviews are already completed.  But for those that are not yet completed, come back for the review when it is scheduled. And while we list the MSRP of the product, often times you can find them cheaper.

Beyerdynamics is a great headphone manufacturer from Germany. Whether you are looking for over the ear or wireless, they have you covered. Their top of the line best of the best is their Xelento Wireless. Not only does their sound have to be heard to be believed, they are also absolutely gorgeous looking and can be worn as jewelry. If you have a loved one who loves great sound, they will love the Beyerdynamics Xelento Wireless. MSRP is $1,199.  Check out their review here:

If you’re a computer user, you’ve probably heard of the SoundBlaster line. It’s a product line of computer sound cards and computer speakers, from Creative Labs. But Creative Labs is more than computer sound cards and computer speakers. One of their other great products is the Creative Nova. It’s a portable multi-room smart speaker with lights. It’s even water resistant, so it can be used outdoors. And employing multiple drivers and a woofer ensure quality sound. MSRP is $179.  Review is scheduled for the week ending 12/1/2019.

If you like movies, one of the best ways to enjoy them is with a great home theater system. And to take your home theater to the next level, a dedicated amplifier will help get you there. And if you are needing a big bang for your buck, you’re covered there as well. Emotiva has great products, and they provide a large bang for the buck. The BasX A-500 five channel home theater amp is a perfect example with an MSRP of only $529. Check out the review here:

Like Sammy Hager has said with his song: I can’t drive 55. If you also suffer from what many jokingly call lead foot syndrome, you may also know how expensive speeding tickets can be. A radar detector can help with that. And Escort makes some of the best available. Their premium top of the line portable product is the Escort Max 360C. MSRP is $649.  It’s review will be completed the week ending  11/17/2019.

It’s so easy to get busy with our daily lives. One thing we tend to always wish we had more of is time. This can also be the case with meals and meal preparation. If you are looking for some great time savers, Gourmia has you covered. Some of them are great time savers, such as pressure cookers. And if you like BBQ, they even have a pressure smoker that will smoke your meats in only an hour! It’s their Gourmia GPS650, with an MSRP of only $259.  It’s review will be completed the week ending 11/17/2019.

When you look at new or newer cars, they have a ton of safety features. One of those are back up cameras. But you can also get side cameras as well as front cameras. Thanks to iBeam, these are also available in an aftermarket product. Their iBeam 360 3D is a four camera system that can be installed on a vehicle with a car stereo receiver that has a camera input. MSRP is $1,032.  Check out for the review of the iBeam 360 3D for the week ending 12/01/2019.

The quality of sound from flat screen TV’s have came a long way. But the sound is not great. Thanks to sound bars, the quality can easily be improved. Sound bars have also been greatly improved. There are now smart sound bars, where you can connect to them through wi-fi. And JBL has a great one with their JBL Link Bar. So now not only can you get great sound from your TV, you can also enjoy your music and more through the built-in Google Assistant.  MSRP is $399.  The review is scheduled for the week ending 11/24/2019.

JBL also has a great line of smart speakers. They feature Google Assistant as well, so you get a lot of great functioning. With the JBL Link View, they added an 8 inch high definition touch screen too. So now along with the great sound, now you can watch videos as well. Put it in the kitchen, and impress others with your culinary skills thanks to the help of cooking how to videos on YouTube.  MSRP is $299.  The review is scheduled for the week ending 12/8/2019.

If you like home theater, you want good sound.  And you may also need your speakers hidden in your ceiling. Whether you are looking for just mounting your surround sound speakers in the ceiling, or you have decided to add height channel speakers for the new Dolby Atmos surround format, you may need some good built-in ceiling mount speakers.  Not all ceiling mount speakers are created equal. One of the better brands available are Revel.  And I love their lifetime warranty! Even their entry level C263 model sounds great.  MSRP is only $175 each. Check out their full review here:

We rely on our smartphones for so much. Whether it’s calls, texts, photos or videos, even games, they are often a big part of our day. This means they can be used a lot every day. All this use takes an impact on battery life. Getting thru a full day on a single charge is not always possible. This means you may have to be able to charge your phone on the go. But why settle for just charging on the go?  SoloQi has provided a complete charging solution with their SoloQi 360. MSRP is $299. Review is scheduled for the week ending 12/8/2019.

The holidays can be a stressful time.  It’s a lot of fun, and a great time to spend time with loved ones.  But searching for gifts can be stressful.  We try to give a wide range of gift ideas.  Hopefully with the items in this years gift guide we were able to give you some good ideas.  And check back in for the full reviews.  These are all great products, with very good quality and built well.  Last thing that you want is to buy a cheap gift that breaks too quickly.  None of these should disappoint.  And from us here at Stereowise Plus, thanks for reading.  And Happy Holidays to your family from ours.