Sunday, November 17, 2019

Escort Max 360c Premium Radar Detector Review

Some people, myself included, have what we jokingly call a medical condition…lead foot syndrome. As Sammy Hagar said in his song, I can’t drive 55.  Some of us, myself included, would prefer to be able to go over the speed limit. And since speeding tickets are pricey, it’s easy to turn to radar detectors. There’s a lot of different options. One of the premium brands is Escort. You tend to get what you pay for, and up for review today is their top of the line portable model, the Escort Max 360c. MSRP is $649.

Features and specs:


The ESCORT MAX 360c is the first radar and laser detector designed for the connected car. With built-in Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz only), the MAX 360c updates through the on-board Wi-Fi connection, alerting the driver to the latest ticket threats in real-time.

360° Directional Alerts

Forward and rear facing antennas pinpoint threats around your entire vehicle. Intuitive on-screen arrows display the direction of the threat relative to you.

AutoLearn™ Technology

GPS intelligence, IVT filtering, and AutoSensitivity come together to eliminate false signals by learning your route and varying sensitivity with vehicle speed.

IVT Filter™

Automatically reduces false alerts from In-Vehicle Technology like collision avoidance systems and adaptive cruise control.

Defender™ Database

Gain access to the largest, most up-to-date resource alerting drivers to speed cameras, traps, and red light cameras. Plus, create hot spots and mark locations.

Intelligent Speed Sensitivity

Automatically adjusts sensitivity based on your speed to eliminate false alerts and maximize precision.

Directional Alert Arrows

Arrows indicate the direction of the radar source for 360° protection

Immediate Response

Digital signal processing provides best-in-class range and lighting fast response.

Connected Car Compatible

Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) connectivity allows for instant crowd sourced alerts and software updates.

Defender Database

Get a bird’s eye view with red light and speed camera alerts in advance.

AutoLearn Technology

Intelligent GPS-based technology learns your route and rejects false alerts.


Real-time alerts from a community of over 3 million drivers.


X-band 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz

K-band 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz

Ka-band 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz

Laser 904nm, 33 MHz Bandwidth


Superheterodyne, Varactor-Tuned VCO

Scanning Frequency Discriminator

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)


Quantum Limited Video Receiver


Highway, Auto, Auto No X, Auto Lo K


Graphic Multi-Color OLED

Bar Graph



5 Levels of Brightness with Full Dark Mode


12VDC, Negative Ground

Escort SmartCord USB Included


1.38” H x 3.25” W x 5.15” L


User Mode: Advanced / Novice

Pilot: Scanning Bar / Full Word

Arrow Mode: Single / Multiple / Band

Display Color: Blue/Green/Red/Amber

Speed Display: On / Off

Cruise Alert: Off / 20 – 160 mph

Over Speed: Off / 20 – 160 mph

Over Speed Limit: Off / Spd Limit / 5 over / 10 over / 15 over / 20 over

Meter Mode: Standard/FR1/FR2/Spec/Expert/Simple

Tones: Standard / Standard+ / Mild

AutoMute: Low / Med / High / Off

AutoLearn: On / Off

Units: English / Metric

Language: English / Spanish

Voice: On / Off

GPS Filter: On / Off

Auto Power: Off / 1-8 Hours

Bands: X/K/KN1-KN4/Ka/KaN1-KaN10/Ka-POP/Laser/TSR

Markers: Other/RedLight/RedLight & Speed Cam/Speed Cam/Speed Trap/Air Patrol

Clear Locations: Marked/Lockouts/Defender/Format

Wi-Fi: On / Off

Bluetooth: On / Off

Auto Update: Off/Database/Firmware/All

Perform Update: Firmware/Database

The Escort Max 360c came in a nice looking color printed box, with photos and specs of the product. Opening the box revealed a zipper case. Opening the case showed two internal compartments. One held the radar detector, the other held the accessories. The accessories comprised of the windshield mount, and power cable. Materials used in the construction of the radar detector and the accessories was mostly plastic with some metal. Quality of materials used, as well as the fit and finish was excellent. The Escort Max 360c is a premium product and it shows, not only in the quality of the product but also in the presentation. Also included was the quick reference guide, and warranty card.

One of the features of the Escort Max 360c is the ability to work with the new iDatalink Maestro RR2. With the Maestro RR2 incorporated into your system, the information and alerts will also show on the stereo receiver. Since our reference receiver is the compatible Kenwood Excelon Reference DDX9905S, we will be reviewing the functionality of the Escort Max360c with the iDatalink Maestro RR2 and the Kenwood Excelon Reference DDx9905S, once the Maestro RR2 is ready for release.

Installation and setup was very easy. The Quick Reference Guide was very easy to read and follow. Once the app was downloaded on my LG V40 ThinQ Smartphone, pairing the Max 360c with my LG V40 was very quick and easy. Going through the settings and making any changes was also very simple. The magnet system used to connect the Escort Max 360c to the windshield mount was also very cool and easy to use.

The layout of the Escort Max 360c also made it fairly simple to use. All of the buttons were on the top in a central location. They were also logically laid out. This is a good thing, because at the angle it was at, and being mounted right under my rearview mirror, it was a little difficult to read. It may have been a little simple to use in some install locations if some of the buttons were located on the sides, but that’s just a personal preference. I also did really like the 4 LED lights on the front, to show where the radar was coming from, when it detects radar. And now that it’s set up and installed, let’s see how it performs!

I had high expectations from Escort on their Max 360c, and they did not disappoint with its performance.  Installation was a breeze, and I especially liked the magnetic mount. Setup was also a breeze pairing it to my LG V40 ThinQ.  And performance of its primary function as a radar detector also worked excellent.  There were several times when it warned me of upcoming officers checking speeds of oncoming vehicles.  There was one time when it was just one of those speed signs showing you your speed to tell you to slow down.  But the other times I was glad of the warnings.  I also really liked access to the Escort Live database, as there were also multiple times that I got warnings of an upcoming speed trap location.  The Directional Alert Arrows was also a really cool feature, showing you the direction of where the radar was coming.  They offer a Limited Ticket Guarantee, and seeing how well it performed I can see how they can offer it.  I would have no problems trusting the Escort Max 360c.

The Escort Max 360c is a premium portable radar detector.  While its price point is not for all at $649 MSRP, you do get what you pay for.  It offers a premium design as well as premium quality.   And it performed very well.  And with the high price of some tickets, you want to have a product that you know you can trust.  If you are in the market for a radar detector, the Escort Max 360c deserves to be on your short list.  Based on its design, features, quality, and performance the Escort Max 360c has earned our Editor’s Choice Award.  For more info and complete specs, check out their website at