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TAMPA, FL – FLORIDA AUDIO EXPO 2020 – SUITE 609 – FEBRUARY 7-9, 2020 – This week, award-winning loudspeaker manufacturer RBH Sound debuted their 45th anniversary SVTRS Limited Edition speaker system at the 2020 Florida Audio Expo in Tampa. Attendees were treated to a demonstration of one of only twenty systems to be produced by RBH Sound. The company developed this system for those seeking a truly unparalleled reference-grade audiophile experience. The system consists of two RBH SVTRS modular tower speakers, an RBH 6α six channel amplifier, and Marani’s flagship DSP speaker management processor. Also included in the SVTRS Limited Edition system is delivery, setup, and on-site calibration by a member of RBH’s staff.

The flagship SVTRS modular tower speaker includes three modules per channel, one SV-831R in-between two SV-1212NR subwoofers, one below and one above. Each module has the same teardrop profile and, fully assembled, reach a towering 92-inches in height. The SV-831R has three 8-inch proprietary aluminum cone woofers and an Aurum Cantus AMT tweeter. Each SV-1212NR subwoofer uses dual proprietary 12-inch long-throw aluminum cone subwoofers. RBH uses steel plates to secure each module to the one below.

Designed for superior fidelity and to work seamlessly with the Marani processor, RBH’s 6α amplifier includes six channels of class D amplification: two channels at 250 Watts (AMT tweeters), two channels at 500 Watts (8” woofers) and two channels at 1,500 Watts (12” woofers). For the demonstration system, RBH used their 8α amplifier which included two extra channels (one at 250 Watts and the other at 500 Watts) for a matching SV-821CR center channel.

The adept combination of Marani’s digital signal processing and RBH’s 6α six-channel amplifier permit the 45th anniversary speakers to be free of any power-robbing passive crossover components. The processor’s granular control includes digital crossover networks with slopes of up to 108dB/octave and finite impulse response (FIR) filters which correct phase and frequency response errors in the system to a finer degree of precision.

Each SVTRS tower weighs 310 lbs and has dimensions of 15-3/16" W x 92" H x 22-3/16" D, a sensitivity of 94dB (2.83V @ 1M) and has a frequency response of 17Hz-35kHz (±3dB). The suggested retail price for the SVTRS Limited Edition system is $44,995.95. It is available now through the company’s authorized dealer and distributor network and will soon be available for purchase via the company’s website at

About RBH Sound (RBH)

A privately held, Utah based company, RBH is a global provider of high performance loudspeakers and other audio products for the home audio custom integration, professional audio, and light commercial industries. The company also produces high performance personal and portable audio products. RBH has been designing, engineering, and crafting products with superior acoustic reproduction at sensible prices since 1976.

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