Sunday, November 29, 2020

OtterBox OtterSpot Wireless Charging System

In our society, phones are becoming ubiquitous.  Anymore, anyone without a phone attached to their hand is the odd one out. And as we use our phones more and more away from places where we can plug in for a quick charge, portable power banks will become more and more necessary. Portable power banks are nothing new. But they can be awkward with the cords attaching the phone and the bank and they are not often portable and power at the same time. Enter the Otterbox OtterSpot which combine the convenience of a portable power bank and the ease of use of a wireless charger.

Features and specs:


36-watt base charging pad powers up to three OtterSpot wireless batteries and one device simultaneously

Eliminates tangled mess of wires on countertops and nightstands with one stackable charging pad base

Anti-slip surface holds device in place while charging

Portable 10-watt speed, 5,000 mAh capacity OtterSpot wireless battery

System includes: OtterSpot Wireless Charging Base, one Wireless Charging Battery, USB A-C Cable (1.6-ft/0.5-m), USB C-C Cable (3.9-ft/1.2-m) and 36W Wall Adapter. Additional Wireless Charging Batteries sold separately.


Wireless charging system base works with OtterSpot wireless batteries to wirelessly charge Apple, Samsung, Google and other Qi wireless enabled devices — without the hassle of removing most cases


The OtterBox OtterSpot came in great looking black and white box with a clear plastic window allowing you to see the product inside. The OtterSpot comes in a package with one base and one charger but Otterbox allows you to customize your power needs by purchasing additional bases or batteries. The system we chose to get was one base and battery, and an additional battery. They were packaged in a clear plastic, custom molded container that fit perfectly in the box for protection. Materials used in the construction were mostly plastic. Quality of materials used, as well as fit and finish was very good. It seems to be a very well made product with nothing sticking out to catch and pull off and small enough to fit easily in a pocket. Also included were the charger cord and a charging block.

The design of the OtterSpot was excellently thought out. The disks are thin and light enough for easy carrying and the button on the side easily found but recessed enough not to be hit accidentally. It sits flat on any surface and can be stacked on the base to charge all at once. You can also set your device on the top of the stack to charge wirelessly at the same time as the batteries are charging. They can be stacked as high as you wish, but they will charge slower the higher the stack gets. Each battery holds 5,000 mAh that will give at least one complete charge of your smartphone you have and they are fully compatible with all wireless charging technology. We tested this by completely draining our phone, the LG V40 Thinq, and we did receive a complete charge with a bit left over for a small partial charge before having to stack the battery on the base again.


The OtterSpot is an excellent product and an excellent solution for those situations where you will be away from electricity for any length of time. The design is multifunctional and efficient. With a price of $99.95 for the base and battery, and $54.95 for an additional battery, it’s well worth the money. Based on their design, features, quality and performance, the OtterBox OtterSpot has earned our Highly Recommended Award. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at