Sunday, December 5, 2021

Spyclops SPY-MNBLT3WIP8 4K POE Camera and SPYP-NVR8POE1T 8-Channel NVR Review

Unfortunately, it isn’t Mayberry anymore. Crime rates have continued to go up over the decades. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, crazy things can happen. You may also have a rebellious teenager. Whatever you are dealing with or concerned about, you could benefit from the peace of mind that a security camera system with NVR from Spyclops can bring.


Spyclops is under the corporate umbrella of MetraAV, for home products. They have many different products to choose from. For cameras, there are many different styles and functionality, in both wired and wireless capabilities. Up for review today is their SPY-MNBLT3WIP8 4K POE bullet style camera, and their SPYP-NVR8POE1T 8-channel NVR.  They are a 4K camera with color night vision, and an 8-channel NVR.


Features and specs:


4K resolution IP camera

White mini bullet style body

2.8mm fixed lens

8MP CMOS sensor

Choose the color night vision or smart IR LEDs setting based on the environment

Color night vision:

Uses the latest technology for low light conditions

Works best with an existing ambient light source and areas with streetlights

Must be enabled through the camera’s configuration menu

Smart IR LEDs:

Automatically adjusts the IR LEDs for night vision up to 25 meters

Prevents images from appearing washed out if too close to the IR LEDs

Works best for completely dark environments with no ambient light source

Supports 1080P/30, 4MP/30, 6MP/30, & 8MP/30 resolutions

Water-resistant, rated IP67

Supports H.264, H.264+, H.265 & H.265+

Built-in microphone

Built-in PoE


(8) PoE LAN ports connection for direct camera connection and can add up to (8) additional cameras connected to the same LAN for a total of up to (16) channels of recording

(2) USB 2.0 ports for mouse and backup

Playback functions: Play, pause, stop, rewind, fast play, slow play, full screen, frame play, frame rewind, digital zoom

Record modes: Manual, timer, motion detection, smart alarm

Free remote view app for Android™ and iOS®

(1) SATA port–supports up to 8TB

Alarm (4) channels in and (1) channel out tha t can trigger recording, email, FTP, snapshot or buzzer

Supports H.264, H.264+, H.265 and H.265+ for maximum video storage

Onvif version support: 2.8

Includes 52V power supply, USB mouse and quick start guide

1TB HDD preinstalled


The Spyclops SPY-MNBLT3WIP8 4K camera and SPYP-NVR8POE1T 8-channel NVR came in a great looking color printed box with photos and specs of the camera and NVR. Opening the boxes revealed a well-protected product, both held in foam. Materials used in the construction was mostly metal with some plastic. Quality of the construction was very good for both, as well as the fit and finish. The NVR also came with power adapter, mouse and quick start guide. The camera also came with mounting screw, hex key, drill template and quick start guide.


I really liked the design of the cameras. These are exterior security cameras. I’ve seen a lot of security cameras and most of them are a combo of metal and plastic in the housing. But Spyclops has done it right. Tasked with facing the elements that mother nature can dish out, Spyclops has gone with a metal housing. Only the face where the camera censor and night vision LEDs are located is plastic. This appears to be an extremely durable camera, with some really nice heft to it. A round base plate mounts to your building. And arm comes out of the base plate that holds the camera, and there is a slot cut into the arm so you can turn the camera to the right angle that you need. The arm also rotates on the base plate as well, to make sure you get the correct angle that you need. It’s a well-built camera that will also give you the angle you need to monitor the area that you need to monitor.


The SPYP-NVR8POE1T 8-channel NVR is also a good design as well. The build quality isn’t quite up to the cameras, but it doesn’t need to deal with the weather outside. The front has a clean look with just a USB port and color LEDs for power, online, and HDD. The rear has ports for power, USB for the mouse, VGA & HDMI for monitor, left and right composite for audio, LAN for internet and POE1 through POE8 for up to 8 cameras through POE cables.


Once everything is connected, the software is very simple to use. And unlike many quick start guides, this one is very easy to read and follow. I loved the record option. You can set it for constant, during certain times, or whenever motion is detected. There is even image enhancement options, with the following options: image adjustment, fill height, exposure setting, backlight setting, white balance, video adjustment, image enhancement, and defog mode. The software also provides different modes for number of camera views to be displayed and their size.


Now that the cameras are all up and working, and the software is also configured, I really enjoy the cameras. The resolution and detail is quite good, thanks to the cameras being 4k. I can even make out the license plates of the cars at the house on the other side of my street, which gives a very good peace of mind. Being able to zoom in and enhance the image feels like a great security blanket! And of course being able to see at night with color night vision is also a huge benefit. Then there’s also the ability to monitor remotely whenever you are away from home, thanks to the LAN connection and internet connectivity!  There’s even an app that you can download, so you can monitor your cameras on the go.

I am also really enjoying the extra resolution of 4K.  The previous camera system that I had was high definition 1080p, and there was a situation where I needed the cameras.  One of the windows of my sons car was broken.  Using the camera system, I was able to go back on the NVR and find the moment when it happened.  It was a stray pellet from a high power pellet rifle.  I was able to zoom in and see when it happened.  But it would have been really nice to have higher resolution when zooming in on the incident.  Now with these new 4K cameras, the resolution is excellent!  I have no concerns of being able to zoom in to see anything that could need to be seen from any new incidents that could potentially happen in the future. 


Spyclops definitely has you covered with their new bullet style SPY-MNBLT3WIP8 4K cameras and NVR systems. Not only do you have the resolution to see the image of any incident that could potentially come, you can do so remotely! The software is simple to setup and easy to use once it is set-up. And with the high-quality build of the cameras, you should get years of use. Based on its design, features, quality and performance. The Spyclops SPY-MNBLT3WIP8 4K camera and SPYP-NVR8POE1T 8-channel NVR have earned our Highly Recommended Award. And if you also need the wiring for the cameras, Spyclops even has kits that come with everything you need, including the wiring. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at