Sunday, September 19, 2010

Classé Redefines Amplifier Excellence With New Delta Lineup

Montréal, Québec, Canada—Sept. 7, 2010—With its global reputation for genuinely reference-standard audio designs (including at Abbey Roads Studios, where no fewer than 33 Classé power amps are at work every day), when the Canadian manufacturer debuts a new amplifier design, the high-end world listens. When Classé unveils no fewer than four, that same world begins to buzz.

That will surely be the case this fall as Classé intros a new range of Delta series power amplifiers, upgrading what has been one of the firm’s most successful, and the worlds most universally admired family of mono and multi-channel power amps. “The original Delta series power amps have created a perception among audiophiles, music professionals, and recording pros alike, that Classé amplifiers belong in the world’s most demanding systems,” says the firm’s Executive VP Brand Development Dave Nauber. “These new amplifiers will validate and reinforce that perception for years to come.”

A total of four new Delta series models are to be unveiled. Two monaural models, the CA-M300 and CA-M600 are rated for 300 and 600 watts respectively, while the stereo CA-2300 and multichannel CA-5300 promise 2x300 and 5x300 watts respectively.

The new Delta series models build upon three key refinements. First, a new miniaturized driver-stage circuit, which is almost perfectly free of noise and distortion, delivers the most precise signal control yet devised. Additionally, the entire amplification process occurs on a single new six-layer circuit board, significantly shortening the signal path for superior time-domain performance and even greater transparency. But the most obvious and arguably one of the most important new Delta series innovations is Classé’s ICTunnel™ (“icy tunnel”), an active cooling system inspired by million-dollar medical and laser imaging equipment designs.

Audiophiles have long known empirically that any amplifier achieves its best sonics when warmed to its ideal operating temperature. But just what temperature is that? How quickly will it reach it? And how warm is too warm?

The ICTunnel eliminates these uncertainties by bringing each new Delta series amplifier to temperature within 15 minutes of initial power-on—and holding it there. The Intelligent Cooling Tunnel incorporates advanced sensors and microprocessor controls to maintain the amplifier’s ideal operating temperature throughout the listening session, regardless of how hard the amplifier’s driven.

The all-new Delta series amplifiers bring fresh thinking to the category. In addition to a completely new audio circuit topology, a new power supply design enables the amplifier to sit at idle, consuming only 0.5W in standby. With the ICTunnel helping the amplifier to quickly reach its ideal operating temperature, there is no need to waste energy by leaving the amplifier continuously on, as audiophiles often do.

Consistent with the original Delta series amplifiers, the new designs include a host of sophisticated control and diagnostic features. RS-232, USB, CAN Bus, IR and DC trigger controls provide for automation in virtually any installation scenario. Comprehensive monitoring of AC mains and signal input and output parameters assures a lifetime of safe, reliable operation.

The four new Classé Delta series power amplifiers share their predecessors’ massive, rounded fascia and aluminum-steel construction, executed to the very highest standards. The four new models join the existing CA-2100 (2x100 watts), which continues in the line at an attractive new price.

The Delta Series power amplifiers will be available in September, 2010, at the following suggested prices:

CA-M300------------ $5,500

CA-M600------------ $7,000

CA-2300------------- $7,000

CA-5300------------- $9,500