Thursday, September 23, 2010

PowerBass Releases New Atom Amp ATM-330.2

PowerBass Releases New Atom Amp ATM-330.2

New for 2010 is the PowerBass Atom line up of amplifiers. Built on a compact footprint these amplifiers are up to 45% smaller when compared to a conventional amplifier with the same power output. An ultra-efficient design, heavy duty double sided PC board and surface mount components result in a compact, low profile chassis with uncompromised sound.

The ATM-330.2 (shown) delivers 75-watts into 2-channels at 4-ohm (150 watts/channel at 2-ohm) in a chassis that measures only 6.5” by 7.7” while standing just over 2” tall. Somehow PowerBass managed to squeeze in a fully variable electronic crossover and a Bass EQ circuit that allows the user to give their bottom end an additional 6 or 12dB boost at 45Hz.

To see all the new models that make up the PowerBass Atom amp line-up simply visit the company website at

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