Thursday, September 23, 2010

THIEL Loudspeakers Unveils the SCS4T

Time and phase coherent two-way tower speaker added to J.E.T collection

September 15th, 2010 (Lexington, KY) — U.S. loudspeaker company THIEL Audio (, has announced the introduction of the SCS4T, a new floor-standing model as part of the J.E.T. collection. Based upon THIEL’s award-winning Power Driver technology, the SCS4T features advanced engineering and elegant aesthetics that bring both visual appeal and truly superb audio reproduction to any music or home theater system. The two-way SCS4T design exists as a direct response to consumer demand for a Power Driver-based floor-standing loudspeaker.

THIEL’s much heralded short coil/long gap coaxially mounted Power Driver, which lies at the heart of the company’s architectural products and the SCS4 bookshelf speaker, maintains THIEL’s longstanding tradition of time and phase coherent designs featuring first order crossovers. The Power Driver also features a tweeter design based upon the exceptionally high performance tweeter used in the company’s flagship loudspeaker, the acclaimed CS3.7. The SCS4T is meticulously crafted using ultra-rigid cabinet construction and an aluminum baffle to deliver exceptionally high levels of detail, dynamics and impact resulting in a truly lifelike listening experience. The SCS4T also includes brushed aluminum Outriggers fitted with spikes to provide the highest degree of stability and visual appeal. And as with all THIEL loudspeakers, the Natural Cherry, Dark Cherry, and Black Ash finishes have been painstakingly selected and finished to integrate beautifully with any décor. "The primary design goal of the SCS4T was to make the Power Driver technology available to customers looking for a high performance floor-standing loudspeaker—and we are highly pleased with the results,” explained THIEL president Kathy Gornik. “The SCS4T is a perfect complement to our architectural and existing floor-standing models and is equally at home in surround or stereo music systems,” Gornik added.

Features and Benefits

· Coaxially mounted midrange/tweeter and phase correct crossover design ensure perfect time coherence for every listening position, resulting in a very high level of spatial realism and three dimensional imaging
· High output capability for dynamic, demanding playback
· Ultra low-distortion short coil/long gap, copper-stabilized driver motor systems for excellent sonic fidelity and tonal accuracy
· Die-cast aluminum baffle and 1" thick MDF cabinet construction provides a level of strength equal to that found on much more expensive products, resulting in greater clarity from reduced vibrations and resonances
· Black brushed aluminum Outriggers and gunmetal finish spikes provide a superior base for optimized sonic performance
· Available in three of our most popular real wood finishes – Natural Cherry, Dark Cherry, and Black Ash.

The THIEL SCS4T will have an MSRP of $3690 per pair and the expected delivery date to authorized THIEL dealers is November 15th, 2010.