Saturday, April 11, 2015

Blue Mo-Fi Over The Ear Headphone Review

For review today is a headphone of the likes you have never seen before!  They are the Blue Mo-Fi.  When Blue decided to design a new headphone, they did so from the ground up! The headband, ear cups, and drivers…all designed from scratch. The headband has pivots to give an excellent fit, even with adjustable tension. The ear cups are ear shaped for a great fit. There is a built-in amp to power the drivers. And the drivers are premium, designed for the higher power provided by the amp.  MSRP is $349.

Features and specs:
  • Custom high-powered audiophile amplifier
  • 50mm, fiber-reinforced dynamic driver
  • Sealed over-ear design for superior isolation and feedback prevention
  • User-adjustable tension and suspension adapt to any head shape
    and size for a perfect fit
  • Racecar-inspired multi-jointed headband design keeps earcups parallel
    at all times for superior comfort and sound
  • All-analog amplifier performance modes: passive, active and enhanced bass
  • Powers on and off automatically when headphones are opened and closed
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of playtime; Mo-Fi continues to play music even when battery has no charge
  • Output power:240mW
  • THD+N:0.004%
  • Frequency response:15Hz-20kHz
  • SNR, self noise:> 105 dB
  • Noise:< 20 uV
  • Battery capacity:1020mAh
  • Type and size:50mm, fiber-reinforced dynamic driver
  • Impedance:42 ohms
  • Frequency response:15Hz-20kHz
  • Enclosure details:Sealed enclosure with tuned damping materials
  • Weight:466 g (16.44 oz)
  • Outer dimensions Closed:21cm x14cm x12cm (8.27" x 5.51" x 4.72")
  • Outer dimensions Open:18cm x 29cm x 12cm (7.09" x 11.42" x 4.72")
Included in the box:
  • Soft case with cable storage pocket
  • 1.2-meter audio cable with Apple iPhone/iPad controls
  • 3-meter audio cable
  • 1-meter USB charging cable
  • AC charging adaptor
  • 3.5mm to 1/4" TRS adaptor
  • Two-prong airplane connector
  • Registration and warranty information
  • User manual

The Blue Mo-Fi came shipped in a nice printed box with photos of the headphones, along with its features and specs. As with most headphones, materials used in the construction were mostly plastic, but did have more metal than most. Quality of materials used was excellent, as was the quality of construction. They felt very solid in hand, and very well built. Also, included were the owner’s manual, carry bag and airplane adapter. After trying them on, I am sold that the design worked. The shape of the ear cups fit very well, and was comfortable for long listening sessions. And the headband was easy to adjust.  

Fresh Aire II: Going To Another Place, strings were extremely crisp and clean. Piano sounded very natural. Flute was smooth, lots of air and resolution. Kick drum was tight, dynamic with lots of kick, and good low end extension. Resolution was phenomenal! Heard things I hadn’t noticed before. Had to pull out my $1400 custom Westone’s to compare!  Steve Miller Band: Swingtown, percussion and guitar was extremely crisp and clean with excellent detail. Keyboard sounded natural. The kick drum had excellent dynamics, impact, depth, and played with plenty of authority. Vocals were silky smooth with excellent texture. No Doubt: Hella Good, the percussion was extremely crisp and dynamic. Bass had excellent depth with good impact and authority. Vocals were smooth, natural, with excellent resolution. Stefani came through as she should…sexy!  Eric Bibb: Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down, guitar was crisp and clean with excellent resolution. Piano sounded natural with good detail and tone. Bass had very good depth and played with authority. Imaging was spot on, and they threw a nice soundstage. Vocals were extremely natural and sounded so real. I thought I was there with them, being able to hear the acoustics of the room. The female singer can really wail, and you can hear it all.

Using the built-in amp proved to be a nice feature.  There are three different setting: off, on, and on+.  The amp is analog, so there are no digital DSP or enhancements going on.  Off is passive, when the internal battery is low, or you are already listening thru a hi power source.  On turns on the built-in amp to give the drivers additional power to give the drivers the power they crave.  On+ gives a bass boost, for more low end umph for those looking for that sound.  The sound of using the amp was really good as well.  Even when cranking it, the sound was clean and undistorted, although a tad on the warm side with the mids.  The overall sound was amazing.  And I must admit, after listening to the tracks used for the review, I couldn't help keeping the music going with turning to additional favorite tracks.  I got goosebumps!

The Blue Mo-Fi is what a headphone should be.  They feature a headband that can be completely adjusted to fit how you would like.  But it doesn't end there.  The drivers are designed to sound great on low power devices, but really sing when given the juice from the built-in amp.  Based on their design, features, quality, and performance, the Blue Mo-Fi have earned our Editor's Choice Award. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at