Thursday, April 23, 2015

Foreigner at The Good Life Festival at Encanterra in San Tan Valley AZ Review by Jeff Roy

The weather can be absolutely gorgeous in the Phoenix AZ area in the spring time. And when springtime comes, you know it’s also time for the Good Life Festival at Encanterra. For those of you who don’t know, you really should give the Good Life Festival a try. It really is the good life.

The Good Life Festival is put on by Encanterra, a country club community south east of Phoenix, in San Tan Valley, AZ. The venue is set up on the grass of the golf course. It consists of the stage, with fold up chair sections, and behind them are the General Admission lawn seats. That means you either sit on the grass, or you can bring a blanket or fold up chair to sit on. And behind the GA seats are the vendors and food trucks.

The Good Life Festival is a great way to enjoy the afternoon and evening. The event opens at 2 pm, and shortly after that they have local bands come to perform. For an extra $25 they have beer and wine tasting. They also always get a great assortment of food trucks to satisfy your taste buds.
I love being able to go. It’s fun mingling and meeting new people, and just sitting down and watching everyone have a good time. The longer the beer and wine tasting goes on, the more and more people seem to be enjoying themselves. The Good Life Festival also does a good job of getting excellent bands. This spring they consisted of the Beach Boys, Rich Springfield and Foreigner! Those are some huge names!

When it comes time for the main event, the Good Life Festival delivers in spades there as well. The Stage is well set up for all of the gear for the musicians. There are the full sound boards, speaker array, lighting systems, including spot lights. Everything you would find in an indoor concert is found here. Only it’s under the cloudless blue skies!

It’s hard, if even possible, to find a better venue, when it comes to the seats! The GA lawn seats are a mere $35. And for being GA seats they are actually pretty close. For those that either don’t want to carry in a chair, or sit on the grass, the reserved seating isn’t much more. And to sit really close, the VIP seating is less than $100. Want to be right there up close with the band? You’ll have to jump on them early, but you can get front row for only $100! I know of no other venue where you can get front row or even 4th row for $100.

The performances were also excellent, from the local bands, to the cover band featuring Fran Cosmo. And of course Foreigner hit the ball out of the park, providing one of the best performances I have seen. It’s a night I won’t forget; especially with it being Kelly Hansen’s birthday! Hearing the crown sing happy birthday to him was pretty cool. The night was hit after hit.

Having experienced the Good Life Festival, I think the best word to describe it is synergy. After all, the sum of everything is more than the parts. The music, food, and environment equal an event that once experienced will keep you coming back. After experiencing it, that’s what I’m going to continue to do and keep coming back. After all, it’s worth it. Especially for the HUGE bang for the buck! I hope to see you all there, next spring.