Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Mini Screens Offer Battery Power, Easy Reception of Local Broadcasts

Washington, D.C. -- May 02, 2011 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- RCA is releasing a new line of portable digital TV receivers designed to give viewers instantaneous access to local TV news and weather broadcasts in a small, affordable package. Available in models that offer either rechargeable built-in batteries or easily-replaceable AA batteries, the new sets are designed to receive local news broadcasts, emergency information, and favorite broadcasts from TV and radio stations.

Battery operated portable TV sets virtually disappeared with the transition to all digital broadcasting in 2009. Although these new devices are designed for digital TV reception and cannot receive low power analog TV signals, some models are equipped with reception capability for new Mobile DTV viewing that allows TV watching while moving.

"Our new Portable TVs allow viewers to experience a variety of local programming including news and weather broadcasts at any time from local TV stations," said Chris Lee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Digital Stream, the RCA licensee for small-screen TV products. "We encourage people everywhere to be prepared for emergencies by having a battery-operated TV at the ready, and we're offering a variety of models that should be attractive for any budget."

"The new Model DHT235C is a pocket-sized television and an excellent addition to a home emergency kit. It features a 3.5" LED backlit screen and can be powered for up to three hours with four AA batteries. It's the perfect 'storm-ready' product, because of its very small size and portability. Smaller than a 3"x5" index card, you just put it on the countertop, run a channel scan with the antenna up, and then watch digital TV broadcasts from your local stations," Lee said. The DHT235C is available now from the web store of RCAPortableTV.com at a retail price of $89, which includes free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

More than 70 local broadcast stations throughout the country are now transmitting both standard digital and mobile digital television signals. The new Mobile DTV broadcasts add the flexibility of movement to the TV viewing experience -- in the back seat of a car, on a train, or just about anywhere in the viewing area of a local station. A comprehensive list of available Mobile DTV channels is available on the "Signal Map" tab of www.OMVC.org, the web site of the Open Mobile Video Coalition of broadcasters. One of the new hybrid 3.5" models available from RCA adds both Mobile DTV and FM radio to standard digital TV reception, and is available in black or white finishes.

The new RCA portable TV models include:

STORM READY: 3.5" Portable Television, Model DHT235C (retail price $89, with free shipping), features a bright LED backlit LCD screen, standard ATSC digital TV reception, real time signal strength indicator, closed captioning capability, easel back stand and silver/black finish cabinet, built-in monopole antenna, and can run for three hours on four AA batteries (not included).

SMALL SCREEN WITH MOBILITY: 3.5" Hybrid Portable Television, Model DMT335R (retail price $119, with free shipping) is similar in size to the DHT235C. It also has a bright LED backlit LCD screen and adds Mobile DTV capability to standard ATSC digital TV reception. The unit includes an AC power adapter and can run for three hours on four AA batteries. It also includes a real time signal strength indicator, closed captioning capability, easel back stand and bronze/black finish, English/Spanish display and a built-in monopole antenna.

MOBILE DTV AND RADIO RECEPTION: 3.5" Hybrid Portable Television, Model DMT336R (retail price $159, with free shipping), has an ultra bright LED backlit LCD screen, hybrid ATSC and Mobile DTV reception, FM radio reception, AC power or up to 4 hours of playback time on internal Li-Poly battery, real time signal strength indicator, closed captioning capability, easel back stand, English/Spanish display and built-in monopole antenna. This model also comes in black or white..

WIDESCREEN MOBILITY: 7" Hybrid Portable Television, Model DMT270R (retail price $17, with free shipping), displays broadcast content on an 800x480 high resolution widescreen LCD that features 500:1 contrast ratio, hybrid ATSC or Mobile DTV reception, AC power or up to 3 hours of playback time on built in Li-Poly battery that can recharge while plugged in to a wall outlet or an auto power source. The unit also features a real time signal strength indicator, closed captioning capability, easel back stand, English/Spanish display and 360 degree adjustable antenna.

About Digital Stream: Digital Stream, Inc. is based in Korea and the company's U.S. operations are in Santa Fe Springs, California. Digital Stream's sales, marketing and distribution capabilities originated from its role in providing the largest U.S. share of digital converter set top boxes for the 2009 digital TV conversion program. Digital Stream is a licensee of the RCA brand from Technicolor.