Thursday, April 21, 2011

Audiobahn Releases New and Improved Class D Series Amplifiers

Los Angeles, CA (April 20, 2010)- Legendary car audio manufacturer Audiobahn has announced today the availability and release of their gut-pounding Class D Amplifiers, the A18001DJ and A12001DJ. Produced with durability and exceptional quality, the Class D amplifiers by Audiobahn have been a favorite to consumers and dealers all over the world. And with their added new features, the new and improved Class D amplifiers are guaranteed to keep Audiobahn at the top of the 12 volt industry.

"Our Class D amplifiers are like the dawn of a new day," said Audiobahn international sales director, Steven Hayes. "From enhancements in technology and aesthetics, the new look Class D amplifiers have been improved dramatically."

Hayes is referring to the new LED which lights up the Audiobahn name right on the face of the A18001DJ and 12001DJ amps. Moreover, the digital volt meter and clipping indicator have been added to indicate when the amplifier is operating outside of its output threshold.

Said Hayes, "This produces square waves or DC currents which can be harmful to subwoofers which we call clipping. The Class D amplifiers by Audiobahn are made with a digital clipping indicator to ensure maximum performances out of the amplifier without sending any damaging signals to the subwoofers."

The Class D amps have two patents and two trademarks making it one of the most unique amplifiers in the market. The dual cooling fans aid in the increase of airflow to critical components on the circuit board's surface area. This helps maintain the amplifier's optimum operating temperature which preserves its longevity and power output. In addition, Audiobahn's Class D amplifiers are designed with chassis exhaust venting and side-rail fins to help eliminate harmful heat from sensitive inner components.

Audiobahn's series of mono block Class D amplifiers are designed to provide raw power to drive subwoofers like the AW1S15J, the Immortal Series 15-inch woofer. With the A18001DJ model producing 2500 watts of power, the amplifier utilizes digital switching, an effective method of increasing power from a vehicle's electrical system. This technology gives Audiobahn's Class D amplifiers the stability to operate impedances as low as 1 ohm and still remain cool enough to utilize smaller heat sinks and outer chassis.

The suggested retail value on the Class D Series Amplifiers, range from $949.99 for the A1200DJ and $1049.99 for the A18001DJ. To learn more, visit

About Audiobahn

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