Thursday, April 28, 2011

High Resolution Dual Link DVI Extender Supports Remote High Resolution Video Using Economical CAT-6 Cabling

CHATSWORTH, CA – The leader in digital connectivity announced the release of its new extender for professional computer systems using dual link DVI graphics. The DVI DL CAT-6 Extender offers a plug and play method of signal extension that guarantees a lossless video transmission with zero signal dropouts.

The next generation DVI DL CAT-6 Extender delivers uncompressed high resolution video to any remote display up to 200 feet (60m) in distance over two industry-standard CAT-6 cables. This is a substantial advantage over previous solutions, which required an add-on booster using more expensive cabling to handle distances beyond five meters.

Along with high resolution video, RS-232 is also extended to the remote location, offering an easy and convenient method of long-distance control. Local and pass-through EDID options guarantee a constant signal delivery. High resolution video is supported up to 2560x1600 using two CAT-6 cables. Gefen recommends using shielded CAT-6a cables for the best performance.

Installation of the DVI DL CAT6 Extender is simple, requiring the sender unit to be connected to the computer, and the receiver unit to be connected to the remote display. Sender and receiver units are linked by two strands of CAT-6 cables, effective up to 200 feet in distance.

When sending single link 1920x1200 resolutions, the DVI DL CAT6 Extender is fully HDCP pass-through compliant, expanding its usefulness in professional, presentation and digital signage applications.

The DVI DL CAT6 Extender comes enclosed in small units that include locking power supplies to eliminate disconnects.