Thursday, April 28, 2011


High Performance, Feature-Laden AV Monitor Wins Hands Down in Crowded Field

Culver City, CA - April 28, 2011, Leading innovator of family-oriented consumer electronics, Mobi Technologies, Inc., has been honored with The National Parenting Center's 2011 Seal of Approval for its DXR Digital wireless portable AV monitor. Among its features, the new DXR includes secure digital signal with a range up to 450 ft.; infrared night vision up to 40 ft; 2-way audio communication to bring families close; extra-wide camera lens for large area viewing; compact wireless design for easy room-to-room use; Internet viewing via smartphones, computers, notebooks and tablets.
The DXR has been receiving rave reviews from national media and users throughout the country, within both urban and rural populations. Says David Naghi, president: "We are thrilled to receive this prestigious recognition from The National Parenting Center. In keeping with our company's mission of producing innovative, high quality, and safe products with great value, we also believe in offering only goods and services that will perform at the highest levels, upon which consumers can absolutely rely."

Other equally exciting features include: use as a wireless webcam for Skype, Windows Messenger and others; 3.5" High-resolution color screen; expandability - up to 4 cameras - to view 4 areas manually or with Quad Split Screen option; Voice-activated recording; built-in recording up to 32 hours onto a standard SD memory card; footage can be shared via YouTube, Facebook or email.

The surprising part: MSRP is only $229.95.

To learn more about the MobiCam Digital DXR Audio Video Camera Monitor System, click here;

About Mobi Technologies, Inc.:

Mobi Technologies is a leading maker of portable consumer electronics dedicated to bringing practical and affordable solutions to parents and caregivers everywhere. Our enhancements to daily living are preferred and relied upon by discerning consumers of all ages. As innovators in family-oriented electronics, Mobi Technologies provides safe, high-quality products with great value­­. Our offerings for juveniles include such innovative products as huggable, colorful nightlights and smart thermometers that speak in six languages, reporting results in seconds. Mobi's wireless, digital audio/video security monitors provide safety for businesses as well as a wide age range of family members. Mobi also touches the entertainment category with our famous Headphonies portable and fashionable speakers for mobile devices. "We are dedicated to giving our best to our families. And to yours."

About The National Parenting Center:

The National Parenting Center was founded in July of 1989 with the intention of providing the most comprehensive and responsible parenting advice to parents everywhere. The National Parenting Center's interactive systems allow parents to access an expert panel of some of the world's most respected authorities in the field of child rearing and development. Additionally, parents may obtain the advice of the experts through written transcripts, letters, brochures, newsletters, the Internet, etc. The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval program, created in 1990 as an adjunct to TNPC's support services, identifies the finest products and services being marketed to the parent/child audience. The consumer oriented testing process solicits evaluations from parents and their children. This award signifies to other parents that their peers have acknowledged a product's quality and desirability based on a wide variety of determining factors. It is the sole intention of The National Parenting Center to advise, support and guide parents with sound, responsible advice.