Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Festival of Films.com Debuts its New Filmmaker Showcase

Dedicated Website for Independent Films Provides Refreshing Outlet for Emerging Filmmaker Talent

Festival-of-Films.com's New Filmmaker Showcase debuts Raymond A. Schillinger’s 2010 film “Dreams for Sale: Lehigh Acres and the Florida Foreclosure Crisis,” a powerful feature-length documentary (click on image for hi-res).
New York, NY--March 14, 2011: Festival-of-Films.com, the innovative online portal featuring intelligent and emotionally charged films for passionate movie fans, announces its New Filmmaker Showcase -- a high-quality, online showcase of handpicked new works by today’s most talented emerging filmmakers.

Festival-of-Films.com's New Filmmaker Showcase debuts with first-time filmmaker Raymond A. Schillinger’s 2010 film “Dreams for Sale: Lehigh Acres and the Florida Foreclosure Crisis,” a powerful feature-length documentary. The film tells the story of Lehigh Acres, a community located in Lee County, Florida, that has been identified as “one of the slums of the future” by the mainstream press. A bittersweet tale told through the eyes of its citizens, “Dreams for Sale" is about hope and despair, of prosperity and loss, and memories and dreams.

Before it was handpicked as the inaugural film to kick off Festival-of-Films.com's New Filmmaker Showcase, filmmaker Schillinger had recently released “Dreams for Sale” on YouTube; because of its length, the film had to be viewed in three separate parts. NowOn OOOn Festival-of-Films.com's site, “Dreams for Sale” can now be seen in one continuous stream and, and in superior video quality.

Festival-of-Films.com is steadily developing a reputation among movie buffs as a 'go-to' outlet for compelling and thoughtful independent films, including documentaries, classics and biographies. No other platform currently offers such a breadth of top-quality independent films, all intelligently categorized by theme and delivered seamlessly over the web.

“Our goal at Festival-of-Films.com is to bring fans of independent films and talented new filmmakers together," commented Andy Schupak, co-founder of Festival-of-Films.com. "We are pleased to present Ray Schillinger's "Dreams for Sale" as the inaugural movie in our new Filmmaker Showcase and hope our new program inspires other new filmmakers to check out Festival-of-Films.com."

New filmmakers who would like to be part of New Filmmaker Showcase are encouraged to contact Festival-of-Films.com. For additional information on Festival-of-Films.com’s New Filmmaker Showcase, and to watch “Dreams for Sale,” please click here.

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