Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Immortal Subwoofer Series from Audiobahn Car Audio Lives

BUENA PARK, California, (March 15, 2011)- Much anticipation and hype has surrounded Audiobahn Car Audio since its announcement to return in late 2010. Literally thousands of people across the world have embraced the brand, the lifestyle and the legend known as Audiobahn. From the United States to Peru, Mexico to India, and Canada to the United Kingdom, Audiobahn's comeback has made an impactful statement to the 12-volt industry.

With the spring break car show season in full-swing, Audiobahn has unleashed its most popular and powerful line of subwoofers, the Immortal Series for 2011. Designed specifically for the competition environment, the Immortal is undoubtedly the most admired subwoofer in mobile audio history.

"Audiobahn's Immortal subwoofers delivers like no other," said Steven Hayes, international sales director for Audiobahn. "In design and technology, we did not hold back one bit. From the moment you see the three-dimensional die-cast flamed aluminum basket to the first time you run the 2250 watts of continuous throbbing bass power, you know that you have in your possession the ultimate competition woofer ever made."

The Immortal subwoofer series is not only trademarked, it also has a design patent that sets it apart from any woofer. It features a triple-stacked strontium magnet plus a proprietary tall excursion foam surround and a 25mm top plate ensuring maximum cone excursion and subwoofer efficiency.

"To top it off, the Immortal features a 3-inch quad, 2 ohm voice coils proving you have a woofer to be heard worldwide," continued Hayes. "The Audiobahn Immortal woofer is a huge reason for our profound following in the international market."

Since the Immortal was created as a SPL competition subwoofer, high efficiency was crucial. The ultra-light 2-layer laminated carbon fiber Kevlar cone features an aluminum dust-cap, making the cone rigid and lightweight. The design allows the cone to travel easily with the same amount of power. More pressure and more sound is created because less power is wasted controlling a heavy cone.

On the surface, the Immortal is an impressive looking subwoofer. Its exterior looks alone have captured title after title, award after award for many Audiobahn car enthusiasts. The Immortal subwoofer series features the brand's trademark chrome with the signature Audiobahn flames. Throughout its history, the Immortal has graced hundreds of magazine covers, tech and install articles, and web features. It has been and will continue to be a worldwide sensation in the car audio world.

Audiobahn's Immortal is available in two models and sizes. The 15-inch AWIS15J retails for $769.99 each and the 12-inch AWIS12J retails for $629.99 each.



Magnet Weight
200 oz.
200 oz.

Power Handling
2250 RMS
2000 RMS

Freq Response
20Hz - 700 Hz
23Hz - 700 Hz


Voice Coil
3" Quad 2 Ohm
3" Quad 2 Ohm

0.5, 2 or 8 Ohm
0.5, 2 or 8 Ohm

Mounting Depth

Hole Cutout

Outer Diameter

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About Audiobahn

Audiobahn is a worldwide leader of car audio entertainment. Since 1997, Audiobahn continues its commitment to provide innovative car audio technology and award-winning designs. The company manufacturers premiere, high-performance audio equipment for the automotive after-market industry. Audiobahn is headquartered in Buena Park, California and is owned by parent company, Investech Audio Group.

Over the years, Audiobahn has been known just as much for its lifestyle marketing as it has for its line of exceptional car audio products. In addition to single-handedly setting trends and changing the face of mobile entertainment, celebrities and brand ambassadors in music, sports, television, film, music videos, video games and toys have embraced Audiobahn's dominance.

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