Monday, March 7, 2011 Increases Viewer Base, Providing Specialized Content Platform for Fans and Producers of Independent Films

NEW YORK, NY – March 7, 2011:, an innovative online portal featuring intelligent and emotionally charged films for passionate movie buffs, has substantially increased its overall consumer viewer base since the company's inception in October 2010. The web-based site features primarily independent films as well as select movies by first-time filmmakers. Each week, the site introduces a bundle of movies tied to a current event or emotional theme, such as this week's "Education: A Nation in Crisis."

As the quality and volume of independent films continues to increase -- largely due to greater availability of low cost / high quality production equipment -- there is a general lack of suitable online movie outlets especially designed for independent and documentary filmmakers, both foreign and domestic. caters its movie choices to accommodate innovative independent filmmakers, as well as audiences who crave high quality, independent content.'s viewership is largely comprised of independent movie buffs and technology early adopters who prefer the convienence of the web -- and who also appreciate the opportunity to view a large selection of quality, independent films at no charge. This is in turn has created new opportunities for producer/filmmaker talent, as well as advertisers and sponsors looking to access a targeted demographic of movie-lover consumers.

" has enormous appeal for independent filmmakers, movie consumers and advertisers," commented Tom Dolan, CEO of "Big name sites focus on major releases. We help consumers find content they are passionate about. was conceived as a unique place where both fans and independent filmmakers can connect with one another."

As pursues an advertising/sponsorship-based model -- which ensures audiences a variety of free and low cost/high quality film choices for consumers -- the company is also increasing its sales staff while exploring opportunities such as live broadcasting and simulcasting of regional film festivals.

Since its inception in October, 2010, Festival-of-Films has significantly increased its online viewership, offering hard to find, feature films like "China: The Rebirth of an Empire", "Split: A Divided America" and many others from up and coming movie producers. While most of its films are offered free of charge, Festival-of-Films provides a selection of low cost film rentals.

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