Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bongiovi Acoustics Re-Masters Your Audio in Real-Time with the Bongiovi DPS (Digital Power Station™) Application for Your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

DPS technology solves the audio compression dilemma, optimizing audio at the source and gives users the power to control their own sound

Port Saint Lucie, Florida - (August 9, 2011) – Bongiovi Acoustics, developers of the patented Digital Power Station™, introduces the world’s first fully-featured DPS-enabled audio player for iOS. Now you can enjoy music and video entertainment by optimizing media for your listening device and even for your listening environment. The Bongiovi DPS captures the patented real-time, audio re-mastering technology that was born in the original Power Station Studios and implements it into your iOS device. It is available immediately for download in the Apple App Store or on iTunes.

The Technology
DPS is a 100% active digital processing method that analyzes the audio signal and re-masters it in real-time for optimized playback on a particular device. From high-end audiophile grade speaker systems, to low-end iPod speaker docks, DPS enhances your media across all hardware. Bongiovi engineers use over 120 calibration points to create customized audio profiles. The FREE Bongiovi DPS App comes with custom profiles that enhance playback on standard Apple earbuds and built-in speakers of supported iOS devices. An in-app purchase (introductory offer of .99 cents) enables users to further customize their own sound by selecting from a menu of tuning profiles created for today’s most popular headphones and docking systems.

“Our patented, real-time audio re-mastering process sets the new standard for digital audio in today’s new media delivery systems,” said Ron Simmons, Managing Director of Bongiovi Acoustics. “Poor audio quality from new media formats like mp3 files and streaming video is a digital problem and we’ve solved it with an innovative digital solution. We give you the tools to take control of your own audio. A simple app now enables you to significantly improve the audio performance of your Apple device or any accessory you connect it to.”

The History
In 1977, legendary producer Tony Bongiovi built what would become the world’s most famous recording studio: Power Station. With its breakthrough acoustical design and innovative engineering, Power Station Studios became the facility of choice for artists like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, and many more. The Bongiovi DPS iOS application captures the technology born in the original Power Station Studios and conveniently delivers it to you. DPS technology can also be found in an expanding list of Toyota vehicles as well as in the award-winning iHome Studio Series docking stations.

The Bongiovi “B” Button
Users can breathe new life into their media library by simply pushing the “B” button on their iOS device. Click here to experience a trial on your computer: "B"

“We are all about empowering DPS users worldwide” says Phillip Fuller, VP of Engineering and Technology at Bongiovi Acoustics. “The unique control we gain through our use of profiles really puts the DPS over the top and sets us apart. Whether it’s with our desktop plug-in, our automotive module, iHome speaker docks, or now the iOS application, we can tailor a profile to optimize the playback of your media files for your specific device and listening environment. Spending money on expensive hardware to play the same old low-quality compressed file makes no sense! We attack the problem at the source and optimize it at its core - the program material. Our goal is to enhance your listening experience regardless of the quality of your hardware.”

About Bongiovi Acoustics:
Bongiovi is an operating entity of Bongiovi Media and Technology Inc., a privately held company based in Port Saint Lucie, FL. The company generates revenues through licensing of its technology to manufacturers and strategic partners as well as through direct sales to consumers. Visit www.bongioviacoustics.com for more information about the company, contact: Bongiovi Acoustics, 649 SW Whitmore Dr Port Saint Lucie, FL 34984.

About DPS:
This unique, patented technology was conceived by award-winning recording engineer and producer Tony Bongiovi and developed by the Bongiovi Acoustics team. DPS is a digital solution to a digital problem: audio quality degradation as a result of digital media compression. The concept of Real Time Audio Re-mastering ™ was born in the recording studio and validated by application in automobiles, consumer electronics, computers and phones. DPS is a software solution that is easily and cost-effectively implemented into virtually any product that reproduces sound. To sample DPS for free on your computer: visit www.dpsplugin.com