Tuesday, August 9, 2011


National Parenting Center Seals of Approval Honor MOBI Digital DL Monitor and Digital Oral Thermometer

August 9, 2011 - Calabasas, CA - The National Parenting Center has awarded two of its prestigious Seals of Approval to MOBI Technologies, Inc., one for the MobiCam Digital DL Wireless Monitor and one for the tempTalk Digital Oral Thermometer. The National Parenting Center's testing division is run by independent testers including parents, educators and panelists. As such, these Seals of Approval hold great significance within the parenting community.

"We are excited to be receiving these two major awards", says David Naghi, president. "We strive to maintain a leader position in family-oriented consumer electronics and this acknowledgement from National Parenting Center serves to motivate us even further. Our soon-to-be-unveiled new products will continue our tradition of providing safe, high-quality products with great value­­--a combination upon which our loyal customers have come to depend."

MOBI's tempTalk Digital Oral Thermometer won the Seal of Approval based on its fast readout, mercury-free design, easy-to-read display and optional voice readout in six languages. tempTalk also features long battery life, memory recall of the last reading and automatic shut off for even longer battery life.

MOBI's new wireless MobiCam® Digital DL A/V Monitoring system is feature-rich, yet affordable, touting infrared Night Vision and secure transmission. It is expandable up to four cameras and can be connected to the Internet for remote monitoring.

About MOBI:

Mobi Technologies, Inc. is a leading maker of portable consumer electronics dedicated to bringing practical and affordable solutions to parents and caregivers everywhere. Known for our MobiCam® Digital Audio/Video Monitors, TykeLight™ huggable Night Lights, Headphonies® mobile speakers and digital thermometers, our enhancements to daily living are relied upon by discerning consumers. MOBI provides safe, high-quality family-oriented electronics with great value and has been honored with many prestigious national awards: National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval, iParenting Media Awards, National Parenting Publication Awards and Consumer Electronics Association's Design and Engineering Showcase Innovations Award.