Monday, August 1, 2011

Kicker KS65.2 6.5 Inch Two-Way Convertible Component Speaker System Review

When it comes to car audio it is sometimes difficult to know which manufacturers to go with. There are a lot to choose from. When in question, it is usually safe to go with tried and true. Kicker is one of those manufacturers that have been around for decades. And they are still around because of their reputation for high quality components. The Kicker KS65.2 is one of those high quality components.

The Kicker KS65.2 with an MSRP of $249.95 is a two way component speaker system. It comprises of a 6.5 inch midrange and 1 inch tweeter,and a passive crossover network. The Kicker KS65.2 is also unique in that it is a convertible system. This means that you can mount the system as components, with the tweeter and midrange mounted seperately, or as a coaxial. The system comes with a special adapter that allows you to mount the tweeter over the woofer as a coaxial. This convertible design allows more mounting options for the user.

It's features and specs are:
WOOFERS [in, cm]: 6-1/2, 16.5
TWEETERS [in, cm]: 1, 2.5
IMPEDANCE OHMS, RATED [DC resistance]: 4 [3.3]
POWER WATTS [peak/RMS]: 150/75
SENSITIVITY [dB 1w/1m]: 88
FREQ. RESPONSE [Hz]: 35-21k
WOOFER MOUNTING DEPTH [in, cm]: 2-1/8, 5.4
FLUSH MOUNT TWEETER DEPTH [in, cm]: 13/16, 2.1
CROSSOVER SLOPE [dB/octave]: 12 hi/12 lo
GRILLES: included

•Massive motor structure provides ultimate power handling, high efficiency and best performance
•Extended Voice Coil (EVC™) technology for high excursion and superior bass response
•Tapered curvilinear polymer cone with Santoprene® surround provides smooth transition from mid to high frequencies for accurate reproduction of the complete audio bandwidth
•Calibrated aluminum-dome tweeters with phase alignment reveal every detail of your music
•Four tweeter mounting options including clever coaxial mounting assembly
•External crossover network features illuminated protection and three-position adjustable tweeter levels for high-frequency precision

The quality was very good. It started with the packaging. The box was pleasant looking with photos of what the components looked like, and some specs. Opening up the box showed custom molded styrofoam to protect all of the speakers and components. Also included are all of the necessary mounting screws, adapters, grills, speaker wire, as well as the tweeters, midranges, and passive crossover network. Build quality and fit and finish was also very good for all of the components. The materials used were very high in quality. The stamped baskets work well. The terminal leads were well secured, and the speaker cone and rubber surround were put together well. The tweeter and crossover network were also equally well put together. I would expect nothing less from Kicker.

I really liked the installation options. The tweeter can be mounted flush, surface mounted or as a coaxial. And if your personal choice is for coaxial mounting, you still get better quality. Unlike other coaxial speakers, with the Kicker KS65.2 you will also have the crossover network for better quality sound.

Well, the Kicker KS65.2 looks like a really nice speaker system. They have great features and specs. They are also very well put together. Now let's see how they sound, and how it all comes together.

Fresh Aire II: Going to Another Place, the strings were very crisp and the flute had a good amount of air. The piano was natural sounding. The bass was also nice and clean with good extension and played with good authority. Imaging was also very good.
Journey: Don't Stop Believing, The keyboard was natural sounding. Vocals were very natural sounding with good pitch definition and harmonics. The kick drum again had good extension and decent authority.
Def Leopard: Rock of Ages, the opening kick drum was pretty clean, fairly well controlled, and had surprisingly good authority for a midbass driver that is a fairly shallow mounting speaker. I really wasn't expecting that output. The cow bell at the beginning was also pretty clean, well defined, and had good dynamics. The guitar was also nice and in your face sounding. Vocals again were natural sounding. The resolution was good. When pushed however, the tweeter did get just a tad bright and edgy. But they did like to play loud, which is fitting as they are Kickers.

I expected good things from the Kicker KS65.2. I was not disappointed. Overall they sounded very good with just about any type of music. Areas of improvement were just being knit picky. Based on their design, features, and performance, they have earned our Highly Recommended Award. Keep up the great work! For more info and specs, check out their website at