Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Krell Industries to Introduce First Architectural Speaker at CEDIA 2011

Modulari Ion Extends Reference Sound Quality to Flat Panel TV Systems

ORANGE, CT, August, 2011 — Leveraging technology and build elements from the award winning Krell Modulari Series, the new Modulari Ion delivers audiophile grade sound to flat panel TV based installations. “The Modulari Ion brings a level of performance to the architectural market that previously has not existed.” said Bill McKiegan, Krell President. “A unique cooperative design and manufacturing effort with Leon Speakers exploits their mechanical and customization expertise and couples it to our crossover design and driver integration to produce a speaker that is unique in the flat panel TV world.
The Modulari Ion utilizes the same design principles and techniques that are the foundation of the Modulari series: acoustically inert low-diffraction cabinetry, high-power low-distortion crossovers, and high-performance drivers. When combined with Krell electronics, the Modulari Ion completes a Krell HEAT (High End Audio Theater) - a system of stunning dynamics and musical involvement.
Enclosure Highlights
Working with the engineers and craftsmen at Leon Speakers, the cabinets are constructed using 1” MDF and feature 3/4” billet Aluminum baffles. The curvature of the cabinets is designed to completely minimize the effects of internal standing waves. Internal bracing is aligned asymmetrically to increase cabinet rigidity while further reducing internal resonant modes.
“We are thrilled to be working with Leon Speakers on the Modulari Ion speaker.” Mr. McKiegan explains. “Starting with the expertise resident at Leon Speakers, we have achieved the most rigid enclosure possible insuring the sound emanating from the speaker is only from the drivers.
The drivers are identical to the ones used in the Modulari Duo Reference loudspeaker. A 1” ScanSpeak ring radiator tweeter provides flat frequency response to 64kHz. Two 7” aluminum-cone ScanSpeak woofers provide low frequencies. A proprietary suspension and extended voice coil assure high power handling and extremely linear performance. The woofers are positioned forward of the tweeter achieving time alignment of the drivers.
High Performance Crossover Networks
All network components are mounted on 1/8-inch thick glass epoxy circuit boards with oversized 4-ounce copper traces. This design ensures superior linearity by minimizing circuit resistance and inductance. It also eliminates microphonics and assures high current handling capability. “Typical crossovers act as funnels,” described Mr. McKiegan. “Power delivered by the amplifier is choked off before it reaches the drivers. The breadth and dimension of the music is compressed by the crossover.” Mr. McKiegan continues, “Our experience in designing and manufacturing high power amplifiers is the underpinning of our crossover design. The crossovers behave as if they were extensions of our amplifiers, directing the power to the drivers unimpeded.”
Network inductors are all air-core pure-copper designs. Multiple individually potted polypropylene capacitors are employed in parallel to minimize resistance and inductance while improving current handling.
Unprecedented Performance
All of this adds up to a unique listening experience from an architectural speaker. “Put the Modulari Ion speakers in a system with our music or home theater electronics, and you get sound that I can only describe as pure Krell—as explosive, delicate, and immediate as music itself.” Mr. McKiegan concludes.
Suggested retail price: $ 6,500 each, shipping November, 2011
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