Monday, January 10, 2011

12 New Partners Integrate the Withings Platform and Enrich the Withings Communicating Devices Product Line

Withings sees the number of international partners being interfaced with the WiFi Body Scale considerably increasing. This dynamics already benefits the new Withings products announced at the CES 2011 and confirms the move of consumer electronics towards communicating objects.
Not less than 12 new international partners specialized in the coaching online interface themselves today with the Withings balance in order to better serve their users, these partners add up to nearly 10 million regular users and come to be added with the long list from existing partners already interfaced with the communicating balance, Withings WiFi Body Scale.

If the generalization of the use of the smartphones contributed to the successes of online coaching and fitness services by facilitating the seizure and the safeguard of users data, communicating objects such as the Withings Body Scale are making this services even easier for the end users to follow seamlessly.

Today, the following sites will interface with the communicating Withings WiFi Body Scale: the American with 7 million users, with 2 million users,,,, the German,,,, the French in addition with and Zipongo.

In addition,, Google Health, Microsoft Health Vault,, which all interfaced with the WiFi Body Scale already will now interface with the newly announced Withings Blood Pressure Monitor to offer a richer management of health and lifestyles.

C├ędric Hutchings, Withings co-founder says: “Consumer Electronics is living a true change. The connected devices allow the proliferation of a new generation of online services directly brought closer to the end user without forcing him/her to painfully enter measurements and registration. The communicating object, adapted better definitively comes to revolutionize traditional electronics. It is what Withings tends to demonstrates in the field of wellness and health 2.0”.

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