Thursday, January 6, 2011

ASUS Features Full Support for the New Second Generation

ASUS Features Full Support for the New Second Generation
Intel® Core™ Processors with Class Leading Motherboard
and Notebook Designs

-- Chairman Jonney Shih unveils exclusive innovations that sets completely new
standards in digital power and computing excellence at CES 2011 --

Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, Nevada (January 5, 2011) — ASUS today announced a range of motherboards and notebooks featuring full support for Intel’s ‘Sandy Bridge’ second generation Intel® Core™ processors, all improved through ASUS innovation. The new P8P67 and P8H67 Series motherboards are based on the new Intel® P67 and H67 chipsets. The class leading P67 based motherboards incorporate the future of motherboard technology today with of the introduction of DIGI+ VRM. This exclusive ASUS architecture offers revolutionary digital CPU voltage regulation for improved reliability, stability and performance not available with yesterday’s analog technology.

Updated with second generation Intel® Core™ processors, ASUS notebooks in the G, K, N and VX7 Series now utilize advanced Smart Performance and Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, enhancing mobile computing performance with up to 8-way multitasking. They offer consumers seamless graphics and multimedia performance with the help of proprietary ASUS technology, creating a totally new computing experience for mobile users.

ASUS notebooks with second generation Intel® Core™ processor technology
For CES 2011, ASUS has revealed an entire lineup of portable PCs that make the most of new Intel® technology through exclusive innovations and design.

Republic of Gamers (ROG) mobile products include the new G53Sw and G73Sw models that ship with built-in 3D display technology for even more exciting gaming and multimedia, while the revamped K Series of notebooks uses IceCool thermal design to ensure better cooling and a new input experience for mobile users.

Setting a new audio standard for PCs, N Series notebooks employ exclusive ASUS SonicMaster technology for truly lifelike sound. Similarly, the ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7 affords luxurious design inspired by the Italian Supercar firm while offering spectacular performance.

ASUS P8P67 Series Motherboards
The new motherboards also feature Dual Intelligent Processors 2 technology, which consists of twin embedded co-processors that ensure optimized energy consumption and enhanced performance controls not available in other motherboards. Additional ASUS exclusives include the mouse-controlled EFI BIOS interface, BT GO! Bluetooth management and the AI Suite II application center that is the pinnacle of user functionality and control.

In addition to the P8P67 Series, ASUS has developed a complete array of new motherboards based on the P67 chipset that include the Republic of Gamers (ROG) Maximus IV Extreme, the heavy-duty TUF Series SABERTOOTH P67 and the P8P67 WS Revolution workstation motherboard. Truly innovative from the ground up, the new ASUS P67 series of motherboards is the first and only choice for performance, stability and reliability.

Setting a new standard: ASUS Dual Intelligent Processors 2 with DIGI+ VRM
Consisting of the Energy Processing Unit (EPU) and TurboV Processing Unit (TPU), this unique technology delivers a potent combination of streamlined system-wide energy consumption and enhanced PC performance. Second-generation Dual Intelligent Processors 2 technology adds the innovative DIGI+ VRM design to set a new standard in digital power management. DIGI+ VRM replaces analog voltage regulator module (VRM) controllers with a digital programmable microprocessor that fully integrates Intel’s VRD 12 CPU power delivery system to eliminate digital-analog conversion. Since it works at such a fundamental level, DIGI+ VRM improves PC performance from the ground up, improving overclocking capabilities while increasing power efficiency, system stability and reliability.

Putting power control in the user’s hands
DIGI+ VRM includes a user-friendly interface that makes digital power control immediately accessible. Five fine-tuning modes offer increased precision for loadline, CPU current, VRM frequency, power-phase and duty control settings. Enhanced digital controls allow users to make extremely precise adjustments for increased efficiency and overclocking potential. By enabling VRM frequency mode spread spectrum, DIGI+ VRM lowers CPU power and cuts EMI radiation by half for enhanced system stability.

The degree of flexibility and reliability offered by the exclusive DIGI+ VRM design gives users access to a new standard of digital power control and delivery. Combined with the Dual Intelligent Processors 2 architecture, it ensures ASUS P8P67 series motherboards are the ideal platform for the second generation Intel® Core™ processors and P67 chipset.

All-new Intuitive Controls
All P8P67 and P8H67 series motherboards include ASUS exclusive EFI, giving users’ access to a BIOS that features intuitive mouse control and an extremely user friendly graphical interface. Unlike the old text-based interfaces of traditional BIOS versions, EFI BIOS makes it easy to manage a PC’s resources and offers support for future technologies that traditional BIOS’ are unable to provide.

Based on extensive ASUS research and user feedback, the most frequently-accessed functions of the BIOS have been integrated into the EFI BIOS EZ Mode, which enables expedited system supervision, performance settings and even drag-and-drop boot priority management.

Full range of added features
ASUS innovation and forward thinking extend to every aspect of crafting a new motherboard, and so the P8P67 Series includes the exclusive BT GO! Bluetooth manager. This enables fast and easy connectivity with Bluetooth devices and offers users seven functions — folder sync, BT Transfer, personal manager, shoot and send, BT to Net, music player and the unique BT Turbo Remote. The latter is especially unique, as it turns synced Bluetooth devices into a remote control for PC-based media player software. With BT Turbo Remote, users can even reset and shutdown their systems via Bluetooth device without having to be near the PC itself.

AI Suite II, another ASUS exclusive, offers one-stop access to a whole host of system management, monitoring and enhancement utilities, giving users a convenient and logical way of making the most of their PC experience.

Users also benefit from the inclusion of super-fast USB 3.0, SATA 6Gb/s and hardware-accelerated Intel® Gigabit LAN, resulting in motherboards that offer the latest technological innovation for a truly spectacular computing experience.