Saturday, January 8, 2011


—Line of Chill Pill Audio for people who live out loud & on the go—

WAITSFIELD, VT—Small Dog Electronics, the nation’s third largest Apple specialist, will be featuring its two proprietary brands of trend-setting mobile computing peripheral products at the 2011 CES show in January. The line of Chill Pill mobile audio products was a tremendous success at its introduction two years ago, and this year the line features bleeding edge speaker and recording devices for iPads, iPhones, iPods, and similar portable devices. The Hammerhead line of products is also back at CES, and will feature new peripherals that help users get the most out of their iPad. More information on both lines of products is available at

· The original and innovative Chill Pill, a clever, sleek and amazing-sounding mini-speaker system, was a runaway best seller virtually from the day it was introduced two years ago. Its successor has finally arrived—The NEW Chill Pill Plus. Chill Pill Plus features important enhancements including 40% more speaker power, a larger rechargeable lithium ion battery with extended battery life, 10 hours of rechargeable lithium battery life (a 25% increase from the original Chill Pill), and a more rugged case. All with only a 15% increase in overall dimensions. We expect the Chill Pill Plus to be a runaway best seller that will lead the category, just the way the original Chill Pill did. Chill Pill Plus prototypes will be available in black, red, white and blue for testing at CES. MSRP is $59.

The original Chill Pill will still be offered, and sports some updates as well. Two new colors will be offered: a limited edition dark purple, and ‘Beat Breast Cancer’ pink. One dollar from each pink Chill Pill mobile speaker sold will be donated to the National Breast Cancer foundation (NBCF). The original Chill Pill retails for $39.99.

· The RapCap, brings high definition recording capability to all iPod models with plug and play simplicity. It also enhances the recording capabilities that come with iPhones and later generation iPods. The pencil eraser sized device has received rave reviews and is indispensible for students, attorneys, teachers, doctors, and anyone on the go that needs high quality recording capability. RapCap comes in all 11 colors to match any color iPod or phone. MSRP is $14.99.

· The innovative Hammerhead Verso iPad case was the first genuine leather iPad case to the market, featuring a sleek folio look, right or left hand accessibility, and a magnetic enclosure. The design philosophy of the Verso was to start with top quality materials and construction methods, and then have the discipline to not throw in everything but the kitchen sink. The result is a super-sleek, trim, and professional looking iPad case, with the features you need, but none of the hokey add-ons and geeegaws you don’t. It’s the perfect case for the businessperson that brings an iPad to a meeting to take notes, but who wants to be discrete in a professional environment. The top-grain genuine leather case folds horizontally to hold iPad at an optimal angle for typing, reading, viewing video or slide shows. It also features direct access for on/off and volume buttons, headphone jack and dock connector port. Verso comes in Ebony, Chocolate or Candy Apple colors. MSRP is $59.99, a price point that puts it in a category of its own for value.

· Vibrant Hammerhead Neoprene sleeves are highly protective, form fitting iPad and MacBook sleeves. Designed specifically to fit each device without adding excess bulk, they preserve the sleek form factor of your mobile device, allowing it to easily slip into a purse or briefcase. Nine sizes of Hammerhead sleeves are available to fit iPad and any MacBook. They come in two colors and are reversible with contrast stitching. Prices range from $14.99-$19.99 and fit up to a 17” MacBook Pro.

· The sleek Hammerhead Stylus pens retail for $9.99 and are available in long, short, and collapsible styles in several colors to match any mobile gadget. Stylus pens are a mandatory accessory for designers, illustrators, architects, physicians, and anyone that needs precise touch screen control. Built to high quality standards, with a solid feel resulting in exceptional control, the Hammerhead styluses are priced extremely competitively vis-à-vis virtually identical products.