Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weather Direct WD-3209U 4 Day Weather Forcaster Review

In our modern day, we can use the internet for everything and access it anywhere. It started in our homes on our computers, then on our PDA’s and from there to our cell phones. Now our alarm clocks can access the internet to help make our lives more convenient. Up for review is a wonderful device from La Crosse Technology. It is the Wireless Weather Station model #WD-3209U by Weather Direct.

The Weather Station #WD-3209 is a wonderful device. Not only does it have an alarm clock, but it also uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet to get local weather information. And it was very easy to set up. It comes with an antenna that gets hard wired to your router. You connect to the internet to register your device and program it with the nearest location to you from a choice of 40,000. So chances are your city is on the list. It also comes with a wireless adapter that you keep outside to monitor the outside temperature wirelessly. Your base station will communicate with both the adapter outside and the wireless adapter that connects it to the internet.

And now with it all set up, not only will you be able to monitor the outside temperature, but you will also have your local forecast right in front of you. You will get forecasts for morning afternoon, and evening with daily high and low temperatures. Not only will you get forecasts and temperatures for the current day, but it provides a 4 day forecast. There are multi-line toggles that will give you chance of precipitation, rain amount, sunshine forecast, barometric pressure, and wind gust/speed/direction. It also tells you the time for sunrise and sunset. You can even program it to notify you with text messages or email alert or just audible alarm from the wireless display if the chance of rain/snow, hi/low humidity, or hi/low outdoor temperature is outside of your desired range.

All in all, it is a great device. And it works as it should. Weather Direct makes a great high quality product. If you are in the market for this type of product I highly recommend them. For complete specs and more details, feel free to check out their website at