Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bracketron Universal USB Socket Changer & MobileDock Dash Mount Reviews

Up for review now are some accessories from Bracketron Inc. They help you take your gadgets on the go. The ones covered is the Universal USB Socket Changer, and the MobileDock Dash Mount. The Universal USB Socket Charger is just what the name implies. It changes your cars cigarette lighter into a USB plug. The MobileDock Dash Mount is a dash mount for your portable GPS, cell phone, or other small mobile device.

We will start off with the Universal USB Socket Charger. It is a rather simple device. Just plug it into your car's cigarette lighter, and now you can charge your USB powered devices. It is extremely small with a low-profile flush design. Its output is rated at 5V and 700mA. There is a red LED to show it is on. And I am glad to report that it performed as advertised.

Next is the MobileDock Dash Mount. This is also a simple product. The bottom features a suction cup to mount the device to your dash. On the front is the sticky pad to hold your device. There are two feet to hold the device on the mount. And then on the middle of the mount is the sticky grip that uses super sticky TemperBond technology to secure the device to the mount. It is compatible with all cell phones, and also gives you access to all the controls of your device. It will also work with many other portable devices, such as an mp3 player.

The MobileDock Dash Mount also performed as advertised, and held my Blackberry securely in place without any drops. It was very simple to use. Instructions were pretty much unnecessary. As most people have portable devices, these make for great gift ideas. For more info check out their website at