Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Versawhite Dry-Erase Projection Screen Material Wins in Best Projection Screen Category

Cerritos, California. Nov. 10, 2010-Elite's new Versawhite matte white projection material with dry-erase capabilities has just won the WFX 2010 Award for the Best Projection Screen category. The WFX New Product Award, presented by Church Production Magazine and Worship Facilities Magazine, was created to recognize the newest and most innovative building, management, and technology products marketed to churches within the past year.
The new Versawhite Dry-Erase Projection Material
The 1.1 gain matte white material is ideal for use with standard, interactive, and/or short-throw projectors. It is coated with a highly durable scratch-resistant optical nanotech resin. This allows the Versawhite material to fulfill its dual role as a dry-erase writing surface. Versawhite also performs with clear color reproduction that should be expected from a precision designed projection screen but has never been performed by a regular whiteboard. Insta-DE Screens are available in many sizes in a 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.
Available Models with Versawhite
Versawhite material is available as either a hard-framed whiteboard (WhiteBoardScreen Universal), or as a pliable adhesive projection screen (Insta-DE ) or magnetic (Insta-DEM) screen.

WhiteBoardScreen Universal (click to view)
The WhiteBoardScreen Universal takes the traditional whiteboard design and fuses it with a professionally crafted projection surface. The Versawhite material used will not hotspot or create an unsightly color shift which is common when projecting on a regular whiteboard.
Key features of the WhiteBoardScreen Universal:
Versatile hard-backed whiteboard/projection screen combination product
"Glare-free" Projection surface is coated with a non-glossy scratch-resistant optical nanotech resin

Insta-DE (click to view)
The Insta-DE screen is ideal for converting any office wall space into an instructional whiteboard-projection screen. Its magnetically-backed variant, the Insta-DEM is for converting ferromagnetic surfaces.
Key features of the Insta-DE & DEM screens:
Instant whiteboard/projection screen converts empty wall space in minutes
Contour padded backing has choice of adhesive (DE)or magnetic (DEM) attachment
"Glare-free" Projection surface is coated with a non-glossy scratch-resistant optical nanotech resin
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