Thursday, December 2, 2010

RCA TH2002RDR-A MP3 Player Review

The design of the RCA TH2002RDR-A is fairly simply. The red case is rather elegant looking. The built in USB connector is simple to use. I also like how it uses a single AAA battery. Carry extra batteries, and there’s never a worry about needing a recharge. The touch buttons were sufficiently sensitive and not overly so, helping make it easy to use. Included with the player are instructions, earbuds, and a belt clip for the player.

There were also a sufficient amount of functions. It includes repeat, shuffle, and 5 preset EQ settings. They include: Flat, Bass, Pop, Rock and Jazz. The touch sensitive buttons consist of back, menu, +, -, rewind, fast forward, and play/pause. The buttons were sensitive to the touch and responded well. The display also was simple, but showed the necessities, which consisted of battery life, title, artist, and progress bar of where you are in the song. You are able to locate songs through play all songs, artists, albums or genres.

Using the included software was simple. There was no software disc to load. The RCA Easyrip software was preloaded onto the player. All you need to do is connect the player to a USB port. The RCA TH2002RDR-A is recognized as an external drive. Just select the software and it will not only walk you thru installation, but also transferring music onto the player.

Overall, the RCA TH2002RDR-A was easy to use, and the display was also easy to read. The sound quality was also decent. The price point of $40 MSRP does put them in the line of fire from stiff competition of the iPod Shuffle, which uses the ever popular iTunes software, and higher storage capacity. The iPod Shuffle however has no display. If you are looking for just a simple MP3 player, without too many features to confuse you, this player could be for you. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at