Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Consumer Alert: Blaire House Suites in Las Vegas

I know this is not stereo or electronics related, but felt that a Consumer Alert was warranted. In planning my trip to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that I cover every year, I had a room reserved at The Blaire House Suites. It is conveniently located between the strip and Las Vegas Convention Center. Not convenient however are their policies.

I had a confirmation email stating my length of stay, and my rate. My credit card was already charged for the full amount. On their website it stated that they charge a deposit of one nights stay, so if you stay for say 3 days, you will be billed up front for one night. It also states that if you stay for a week, they will bill you the weekly rate all upfront. I was staying for a week, so I was charged for the full week upfront, and my credit card was billed. So far, not a problem.

I was in town for one day during SEMA and decided to try it out. I stayed there for two nights. While I was there, I wanted to check on the status of my room for CES. I wanted to make sure my reservation was not lost. It was a good thing I did. They could not find my reservation, and I was told they would research it. I called back and was told that the rates had gone up (over double my rate). I emailed them my email confirmation stating that I already had a confirmation at my specific rate.

They did not care. The manager did not help. The owner did not help! They state that their policy allows them to increase their rate. They also state they are not taking weekly reservations during CES. I told them that I had one. They would not hear anything of it. I have written documentation of their policies on their website at the time, as well as my confirmation. You may want to think twice about staying at this hotel. You could show up and be in for a surprise with an increase in your rate! That is almost what happened to me, but luckily for me I checked on my reservation. It is not a bad nights stay. Their morals and business practices are just out of whack.

I have never heard of a hotel increasing their rates on you if you have an email confirmation. That is after all why you get your confirmation, and bring it with you incase there are problems. And in my case, not only did I have a confirmation, my credit card was already billed! I will say it again....I have never heard of a hotel increasing their rates on you if you have a confirmation, not anywhere. Not in Las Vegas, New York, Sidney....not anywhere! Las Vegas survives because of the tourism industry. I am surprised this is being allowed to happen there. If you have a reservation to stay or have considered staying at The Blaire House Suites.........you may want to think twice. Afterwards I found out they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.