Wednesday, December 1, 2010

JL AUDIO Introduces New JX Amplifiers

Dallas, TX—November 5, 2010—JL Audio has unveiled a new series of mobile audio amplifiers, dubbed “JX”, aimed at entry-level customers seeking high quality audio. JL Audio will begin shipping to authorized dealers in November, 2010.
JL Audio VP-Electronics Jeff Scoon said: “The circuit design of the JX amplifiers is based on tried-and-true designs that have been carefully refined and made ultra-reliable by specifying beefier parts where it counts. Items like power supply toroidal transformers and transistors, in particular, have been upgraded significantly relative to what is common at these price points.”

Two full-range models (JX360/2 and JX360/4) offer well-proven Class A/B designs with rugged unregulated MOSFET power supplies and high-mass heat sinks to effectively dissipate heat. On-board active filters can be used in high-pass or low-pass mode and pass-through pre-amp outputs provide additional system wiring flexibility. High-level wired and low-level RCA-type inputs are provided for easy connection to a wide range of source units and systems.

Two monoblock models (JX250/1 and JX500/1) feature linear amplifier designs, while the 1000/1D monoblock offers an ultra-efficient Class D circuit to reduce physical size and current draw. All three monoblocks feature variable low-pass filters, pass-through preamp outputs, variable Bass EQ boost and remote level control via an optional wired controller. As with the full-range models, high-level wired and low-level RCA-type inputs are provided for easy connection to a wide range of source units and systems.
The industrial design was done in-house and led by company CEO and Chief Engineer Lucio Proni, who set out to create a clean, uncluttered high-end look without extraneous ornamentation. The sleek extrusion is simply adorned by a gloss black ID panel with the model number and the JL Audio brand logo.

JL Audio President Andy Oxenhorn said: “The JX amplifiers represent a tremendous performance bargain for enthusiasts on a budget. They offer strong, clean power, great looks and smart feature sets that our customers will really appreciate.”

Five models, designed to suit a wide range of system configurations, will be available:

JX360/2: 360 Watt two-channel (US MSRP: $199.95)
JX360/4: 360 Watt four-channel (US MSRP: $299.95)
JX250/1: 250W monoblock subwoofer amplifier (US MSRP: $219.95)
JX500/1: 500W monoblock subwoofer amplifier (US MSRP: $329.95)
JX1000/1D: 1000W monoblock Class D subwoofer amplifier (US MSRP: $499.95)

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About JL Audio
Founded in 1975 in Miramar, Florida, JL Audio is a privately held American company manufacturing high-end audio solutions for home audio, mobile and marine electronics designs. JL Audio products are sold exclusively by specialty retailers throughout the U.S.A. and distributed in fifty-eight countries around the world. Recipient of numerous awards and accolades, JL Audio loudspeakers, amplifiers and subwoofers have been awarded fourteen U.S. patents for innovative audio technology.

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