Sunday, December 26, 2010

“Hear the BIG Picture” with Sontia at CES 2011

Occasionally, something special arrives that is so dramatically different and superior, that it completely changes a product sector forever. Anyone hearing the clever new audio technology from high-tech start-up, Sontia, feels that way. Sontia has been quietly travelling around the world, amazing audio manufacturers and experts with private demonstrations of its stunning, yet inexpensive, sonic technology. For the first time it will be giving visitors to the International CES 2011 show in Las Vegas, between 6th-9th January, the opportunity to experience this phenomenal ‘best-kept secret’ that will be transforming the sound of audio products over the next year or two. (Sontia is on Booth 25203 and has an invitation-only sound demonstration suite).

Sontia's multi-patented approach to sound improvement is radically different to conventional mass-market methods - and listeners agree that the results are stunning. It's the product of years of study into acoustics and psycho-acoustics, some seriously advanced mathematics and a passion for uncompromising sonic perfection. The work has been led by Sontia’s Founder and CEO, world-class audio guru, Chris Vernon. Chris was formerly a senior technology lecturer and programme leader at the national music academy run by The Beatles producer, Sir George Martin.

Listeners comment that with Sontia's revolutionary technology on board, sound becomes dramatically better: clearer, deeper, richer, more three-dimensional, more natural, more like a live performance - they say they feel immersed in the sound. Given the chance to flick the switch to turn off Sontia's capabilities, they just don't. Michael Price, award-winning composer and music editor ('Lord of the Rings', 'Quantum of Solace'), said he was "very impressed…a naturalness and fidelity to the original that I have not heard before". A recent reviewer in EETimes wrote, after listening to Sontia's technology in stereo (‘2.0’) speakers: "[after enabling Sontia] the sound changed entirely, making it more than simply '2.0' sound... it performed beautifully...bass portrayed huge resonance; the sound seemed like it was from a live performance".

Fortunately, Sontia’s technology is affordable and therefore not solely the domain of high-end audio systems. Sontia has made it easy to adopt for product manufacturers using commonly-available electronics already found in a host of mass-market products. Furthermore, in the listening environment there's nothing to set up and no calibration required. Sontia's sound technology works brilliantly in a host of products, including: iPod docks, full home entertainment systems, computers, TVs, mobile devices, gaming devices, automotive entertainment, and more - in almost any price range.

Sontia’s technology is offered on a growing number of common platforms that can be fitted onto new and existing product designs. It also develops reference designs to help its partners bring products to market that incorporate the advantages of Sontia's sound technology. Sontia has complete designs for sound-bars and will shortly be announcing electronics reference designs for iPod docks and active speakers.

How does it work? In summary, Sontia's core technology firstly calculates a detailed profile, or signature, of how a specific product acts on the sound that is fed into it. This process takes into account a number of characteristics, including phase (time shifts) and frequency. It then uses this signature profile to create optimal sound reproduction from that product for all sounds that subsequently pass through.

In effect, it is cleverly compensating for the unique characteristics of that particular device using a variety of acoustic parameters. CEO, Chris Vernon, explains that “Sontia's approach produces vastly superior results because it knows precisely the individual characteristics of a particular product and because it also takes into account so much more than just frequency information, which has been the traditional approach to sound improvement in the mass-market. We’re revealing a lot of important psycho-acoustic information”.

Sontia has already attracted the attention of leading home entertainment, automotive and computer brands that have heard the Sontia technology and are keen to integrate it within their products.

To hear Sontia’s technology, come to Booth 25203 in the South Hall at the International CES in January, between 6-9th January 2011, in Las Vegas. If you would like to know more, or schedule a private demonstration at CES, please feel free to contact us using the details below or email us at We look forward to meeting you.
About SontiaSontia is a provider of innovative sound technology for incorporation into third party audio products. It is headquartered in the UK, with offices in Sheffield, and local offices in China and Japan. It is privately funded with international investors, including former ARM Chairman, Sir Robin Saxby, and one of the world’s most successful serial technology entrepreneurs, Dr Hermann Hauser.